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Zeche and Kokerei Zollverein

Image Copyright: Bilder von Udo Kühn

The coal mine Zollverein is a hard coal pit in Essen-Stoppenberg, disused since 1986. The coal mine and neighbouring coking plant Zollverein are part of the World Cultural Heritage UNESCO (Zeche und Kokerei Zollverein) since December 2001. Zollverein is anchor point of the European Route Industry Culture (ERIH).
By now the Zeche Zollverein 12 has been listed and has become a centre for culture and design in Essen (NRW). Situated here are the museum's trail "Weg der Kohle", the visitor's centre of the Route Industry Culture, in the former boiler house the Design-Centre North Rhine Westphalia, on the bordering terrain of shaft 1/2/8 the PACT-Chorographical Centre North Rhine Westphalia as well as the Kunstschacht Zollverein and on shaft 3/7/10 the "Erfahrungsfeld zur Entfaltung der Sinne" (Experience field to develop your senses). By now the ceramic workshop Margarethenhöhe has also settled here. At the former coking plant are the exhibitions rooms for contemporary art situated; located there is the walk-in room installation "Palace of Projects' as permanent exhibition by Ilya & Emilia Kabakov. The Casino Zollverein houses an exquisite restaurant. The new RuhrMuseum housed in Essen's south as 'Ruhrlandmuseum' relocated in December 2006 to the coal washing plant at the Zollverein. The partly gutted, rebuilt and renovated building opened in December 2007 for the public. Furthermore the "Zollverein School of Management and Design" will be newly built. The international orientated facility will be most of all, offer professional further education on the area design and economy.
The exterior of the whole facility can be viewed at any time. The visitor's centre guided tours give the chance to get to know the Zollverein better, the tours are usually conducted by former miners.

Image Copyright: Bilder von Udo Kühn

Culture - Zollverein's Structural Change
Apart from the already mentioned rebuilding measures the Zollverein is by now the prestige object of the Ruhr district. Since the conferment of the title 'World Cultural Heritage' the Zollverein is international meeting point for large cultural projects like the international world music fair "WOMEX" or the "Extraschicht" - The night of Industry Culture in the Ruhr district as well as concerts on the smaller scale, the WDR Big Band is regularly guest as well as the Hip-Hop-Formation "Fettes Brot" in the course of TRIDEM. Through the multiple building projects on and around the Zollverein, a wide cultural offer will be created in the next few years.
For the application by the Ruhr districtto become Europe's cultural capital city, the Zollverein is the central point for the whole Ruhr district.
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