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Awarded: Folkwang LAB "Sentimental Urbanity“ receives the promotion price

A cooperation of the university of arts Folkwang with the foundation Zollverein

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Foundation Zollverein

UNESCO-World heritage Zollverein

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Image Copyright: © Jochen Tack/Stiftung Zollverein

Awarded: Folkwang LAB „Sentimental Urbanity“ receives the promotion price of the 6th history competition of the forum history culture.

A remarkable and cooperative project, close to reality, in line with actual practise and based on team work the Folkwang LAB "Sentimental Urbanity - A search for loved places, objects and fantasies" has been awarded with the promotion price at the 6th competition of the forum history culture. The Folkwang LAB under the management of Anne Caplan is a cooperation of the Folkwang university of arts with the foundation Zollverein within the framework of the initiative " World heritage Zollverein- right in the middle" managed by Claudia Wagner. Members of the project were students of the Folkwang University of arts and the TU Dortmund, faculty Raumplanung, as well as citizen of Altenessen, Katernberg, Schonnebeck, Stoppenberg and Werden. With this award the jury wanted to motivate this project to continue.

In particular the participation of the population as well as the exchange between students and citizen should continue according to the opinion of the jury. On this basis an ongoing dialogue between generations of the Zollverein should be lastingly established.

LABs are inter disciplinary Folkwang- projects, which are shaped by the cooperation of at least two or more disciplines - internally as well as externally of the university, regionally as well as internationally-. The topics are always of great social relevance. In the autumn of 2013 the question put to the students was: Where does the unique and sentimental fascination for the Ruhrgebiet come from? And: What is behind this cliche? In order to ascertain the answers the students visited guest families in the north and south of Essen and investigated, whether there are places which reflect special feelings and memories, where you can ultimately localise "Heimat“. The results were translated on an artistic basis and in February 2014 presented in the SANAA-building on the UNESCO-World heritage site Zollverein. In April 2014 a released documentation presented the concepts of the students as well as the view of the entertainer of the project.

Image Copyright: © Jochen Tack/Stiftung Zollverein

The jury justified the award for the "Sentimental urbanity“ with the convincing and actual basis and the exciting concept of an " inter disciplinary arranged joint project on many levels between the university of Folkwang of arts, the city planner of the TU Dortmund and the foundation Zollverein. These institutions study the expected and dramatic change processes as a central issue whereby they put the interest of the parties involved in the centre. Not as a part of co-determination (based on the tradition of the workers initiatives, e.g. Eisenheim), but an an integral and official part of the sovereign plannings right from the beginning.“

The forum history culture at the Ruhr and Emscher praised for the 6th time the history competition for the Ruhrgebiet. Titled "What was? Heimat in the Ruhrgebiet – Places of remembrance and places for thinking“ was the announcement effective 24th May until 31th Dezember 2013.

The competition focuses on the small as well as on the large objects and directs the attention to the involvement of the participants with the history of the Ruhrgebiet. Sought after were objects which critically examined the enigmatic question of "Heimat" or involve themselves with the places of remembrance of the Ruhrgebiet. In total 326 articles in text form, in sound form, photos, or films from 293 history enthusiasts were submitted to the jury.

The initiative "World heritage – In the middle“, which was founded by the foundation Zollverein and the RAG-foundation, the city of Essen and the ISSAB- institute, is tasking themselves under the motto " To good neighbourhood!“ under the management of Claudia Wagner, to more involve the surrounding townships of Katernberg, Schonnebeck and Stoppenberg in the positive development of the Zollverein and to intensify the exchange between the world heritage and the townships.

The cost free project documentation "Sentimental urbanity“ is available at the RUHR.VISITORCENTER Essen located on the grounds of the UNESCO-world heritage Zollverein and can be ordered from:

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