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Old Synagogue

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The Old Synagogue is a cultural meeting centre and memorial in the city of Essen. It is situated in the city centre in the Steeler Straße 29, near the present town hall tower.
Founded in 1980, the facility housed the former synagogue building of the Jewish pre-war community. The synagogue, including the affiliated rabbi house (today Essen's archive) was completed after two years of building in 1913. Today the building is one of the largest best-preserved and architectonical impressive testimonies of Jewish culture in pre-war Germany.
The Essen synagogue was cultural and social centre for a community of 5.000 in 1933. It operated in this function until the so-called 'Crystal Night' from the 9th to the 10th November 1938. During that night the synagogue's interior was heavily damaged by fire; the exterior was more or less unscathed. The building survived the war without any further damage.
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The "Old Synagogue" today
Today the "Old Synagogue" considers itself as an open inviting house for encounters and discussions. It offers encounters with the Jewish culture and religion then and now. It is a political discussions forum for central questions about the present time and the future. It also caters as an event location for concerts, theatre performances, readings and other cultural events.
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