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The St.-Lucius-Church

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The St.-Lucius-Church is a catholic subsidiary church of the Werdener Benedictine abbey in the Essen district Werden.
It is considered as one of the oldest parish churches north of the Alps.
It was built from 995 onwards by abbot Wigger in form of a three-nave, flat-roofed basilica with Rhenish Stützenwechsel and Staffelchor. It stands on the foundations of a previous building from the 8th century built by Liudger and was sanctified in 1063 by archbishop Anno II of Cologne.
In the choir one can find remnants of figure pictures.
After the secularisation in 1803 the church was sold and redeveloped into apartments. The old condition was re-established in the years 1957-1959 and newly sanctified in 1965.
Do not confuse the St.-Lucius-church with the protestant church Essen-Werden at the Luciusstraße, which is only a few hundred metres away.
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