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Cinemas in Essen - Art Film Theatre Astra & Luna

Image Copyright: Astra-Theater & Luna

Astra-Theater & Luna
Classic 50ties cinema
Art film theatre and repertory cinema

420 and 80 seats
Teichstr. 2
45127 Essen

Tel.: 0201 - 27 55 55

Programme approach: 0201 - 77 84 77

Image Copyright: Astra-Theater & Luna

The art film theatre situated in Essen's city centre was opened in 1958 and is an art film theare since 1995.

The Astra-Theatre is a classic, original preserved 50ties movie theatre. Primarily a premiere cinema the Astra shows numerous special programmes, original versions and film series. For years it is being awarded regularly by the BKM and the film foundation for its outstanding annual programme.

Image Copyright: Astra-Theater & Luna

French original versions with subtitles can be seen twice a month - always Wednesday - in the French film series: 'Le cinéma en version originale'.

Monday is cinema day and at the
Astra & Luna ice cream is still being sold during the performance.

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