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Cinema in Essen - The area's smallest film-art theatre

Image Copyright: Galerie Cinema

Galerie Cinema

The area's smallest art-film theatre with Dolby-Stereo-sound, 35 mm, 4- and 5-canal-magnetic soundtrack ton, school and special performances 45 seats available

Julienstr. 73
45130 Essen
Tel.: 0201 - 77 84 94

Programme announcment: 0201 - 77 84 77

Image Copyright: Galerie Cinema

Since 1971 the smallest cinema with a special charm and one of Germany's oldest art-film theatres.

The Galerie Cinema is being regularly awarded for its outstanding annual programme.

On Sundays the Galerie Cinema shows the cult movie of the 70ties: 'Harold & Maude'. After the start on the 6. June 1975 Harold and Maude loved each other for 18 weeks in front of a sold-out house and since the popularity hasn't vanished Harold and Maude found their regular slot on Sunday afternoons.

34 years and around 2200 performances later Hal Ashby's movie is still a permanent feature in Essen and attracts old and new fans every Sunday at 5pm. Parents who have seen this movie so very often like to take their children to the cinema.

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