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Essen - Burgaltendorf

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Welcome to Burgaltendorf

The Essen borough Burgaltendorf is situated in the city's south-east and is probably one of the nicer residential areas. It's around 10.000 citizens live on a surface of over 620 ha and mainly in small apartment buildings.

History books tell us that Burgaltendorf was only incorporated into the city of Essen on the 1.1.1970. From then on the community Altendorf / Ruhr, as it was known before to the Amt Hattingen.

The district borders in the north, divided by the Ruhr river, onto the district Horst. Überruhr-Holthausen is situated in the west and in the south follows the district Byfang. One part of the district border is also city border. Beyond this border are in the northeast the town Bochum and in the southeast the town of Hattingen. More information under: Welcome to Burg Altendorf

Image Copyright: Martin von der Gathen

The castle

ca. 1160 – 1180 the castle was built in Romanesque style with living tower, outer bailey and moats. Owner are the 'masters of Altendorf'. This is a 'ministerial'noble lineage, who worked in the services of the local nobility (the earls von Berg, of Altena-Isenburg, von der Mark and the Essener princess-abbess). Some are knights, over three generations they were officials at the court of the princess-abbess. Many sons can also be found in church offices.
More information: the castle

Image Copyright: Martin von der Gathen

Local and castle association

Information by the Heimat- und Burgverein Essen-Burgaltendorf e.V. founded in 1950
The Heimat- und Burgverein Essen-Burgaltendorf e. V. was founded as 'Local and Tourist Club Altendorf-Ruhr' in June 1950. First chairman became Erich Glettenberg, who managed the club until 1984. Due to him is the initiation to restore the castle in the 1960ties. Right from the start the preservation of the castle and history research were the club's targets. In addition tradition care and the conservation of the local Lower German language. More information: Heimat und Burgverein