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Guided tours of the Philharmony and Organ performances in Essen

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Philharmony Essen
Huyssenallee 53
45 128 Essen
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Dates for guided tours 2014 / 2015

II. Hagen 2 , 45127 Essen
T 02 01 81 22-200
F 02 01 81 22-201

How many people facilitates the Alfred Krupp Hall? What is new after the refurbishment and conversion of the old hall to the Philharmony? Why do great orchestras and small ensembles sound so unrivalled good in the Philharmony Essen? These and other questions will be answers by the management of the Philharmony and the next door Aalto-Theatre. It takes interested visitors through Essen's concert house and takes a look behind the background of the concert happenings.

Booking is not necessary, tickets are available at the box office of the theatre and Philharmonie GmbH Essen (also advance booking possible). Startin point for the guided tour is the entrance Stadtgarten. The guided tour takes circa 1,5 hours.

Larger groups please contact Frau Forster
(contact: T 02 01 81 22-810, ). Please contact also Frau Forster, if you are interested in a special guided tour for children.

Image Copyright: Theater und Philharmonie Essen GmbH

Philharmony Guided Tours 2014 / 2015

Fri 06.06.2014 5pm » more

Sun 22.06.2014 2pm » more

Fri 04.07.2014 5pm » more

Friday 29.08.2014 5pm whole house more

Sunday 14.09.2014 2pm whole house more

Friday 19.09.2014 5pm whole house more

Sunday 05.10.2014 11am whole house more

Friday 17.10.2014 5pm whole house more

Friday 07.11.2014 5pm whole house more

Sunday 23.11.2014 2pm whole house more

Friday 19.12.2014 5pm whole house more

Friday 09.01.2015 5pm whole house more

Sunday 25.01.2015 11am whole house more

Sunday 15.02.2015 2pm whole house more

Friday 27.02.2015 5pm whole house more

Image Copyright: Theater und Philharmonie Essen GmbH

Dates for Organ Guided Tours 2014

Sun 25.05.2014 11am » more

Sun 14.09.2014 3pm more

The Philharmony Essen offers special organ tours for all organ fans. Under the professional guidance by organ curator Professor Roland Maria Stangier interested visitor receive an insight into the construction and function as well as further thrilling aspects of the great Kuhn-Organ.

During the season's break there are no guided tours.

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