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Old Town Kettwig

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The community Kettwig - north of the Ruhr - belonged till 1802 to the Reich's abbey Werden; under Prussian administration from 1802to 1806; was 'hamlet' in the grand duchy Berg from1806to 1814; since 1814 Prussian again firstly in the district Duisburg until the 1st August 1929 then in the district Essen. Kettwig was a independent town from 1857to 1975firstly in the district Essen, since 1929 in the district D�sseldorf-Mettmann with a population of around 20.000 (around 1975). The part south of the Ruhr - Kettwig before the bridge - till 1806 part of duchy Berg, then 1806to 1814 belonging to the grand duchy Berg under French government, the Prussian in the district D�sseldorf - was only incorporated to Kettwigon the 15th of May 1930. The former dominionOefte belonged from 1815to 1930 to the district Mettmann and was assigned on the 1st of April 1936 from Heiligenhausto Kettwig.
On the 1st of January 1975 the town Kettwig, belonging to the district D�sseldorf-Mettmann, was incorporated into the city of Essen despite massive opposition from the population; the most western part of Kettwig the borough Mintard fell to M�lheim an der Ruhr. A citizens' initiative in Kettwig in 1996 about the re-incorporation into the district Mettmann, was denied in autumn 1997by the state government despitea citizens majority.
It didn't changed Kettwig's affiliation to the archbishopric Cologne; The Ruhr bishopric Essen can't enjoy till today (2005) the church tax revenue from Kettwig.
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Places of Interest
As Kettwig, coined by textileindustry, had no war important industry it was sparedheavy bombardments during the 2nd World War. The historical old town with its numerous half-timbered was so preserved in most parts even though one will find a few architectonical 'sins' from the post-war time.
Well worth seeing is also the Kettwig's town hall with the registry, palace Hugenpoet with the renaissance fireplaces from palace Horst, Oefte as well as the Kettwig Lake(reservoir).
One of the well-known facilities of Kettwig is the specialists clinic centre Rhine-Ruhr (Rehab-Clinic for illnesses of the cardiovascular and movement system).
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